We Want To Partner With You

Increase Client Persistency With A Mutual Partner Relationship With Us

Committed To Ensuring Mutual Success

From products to end-to-end enrollment with second-to-none service, we’re committed to developing strong, long-term relationships that help you protect your client relationships and grow your business.

Key success factors in supporting your business


Earn uncapped compensation, potential renewals, as well as the opportunity

to become vested. You have complete control of how you build your business.


Partnering with us means saying goodbye to the stress and frustration of filling

all the roles by yourself. Because you can tap into our team of specialized

benefit experts, who are dedicated to making your business successful, you

can focus on what breathes life into your business — consulting and building

stronger relationships with your clients.


You’ll have access to comprehensive sales training, including in-person

coaching, online instruction, broker engagement materials and our proprietary

Broker Rep Certification program. You’ll also have access to dedicated local

and national teams, who are committed to helping you build your business.

A trusted extension of your team

Brokers like you have many options to help get the work done. But the more you learn about us and the more you work with us, we think you’ll see we’re a partner you can trust.

Service solutions that work for you

Our wide array of tools and support services make it easy and rewarding to do business with us. More importantly, they make it easier for you to deliver an exceptional benefits experience to your clients.


Broker block summary

Underwriting offers

Combines multiple product quotes into a single quote sheet to provide an at-a-glance reference for you and your clients. With your benefits representative, quote any plan design option and state variation, and the quote sheet can be easily integrated into proposals.

Shows products, inforce policies, premium and more for your block of business. This is a field-enabled tool your benefits representative can share to help support your rework strategy by helping identify gaps in client coverage and providing information to inform conversations with your customers.

Available throughout the year to help simplify the process of adding voluntary benefits and make it as easy as possible for employees to qualify for coverage. Our underwriting offers feature coverage options you and your clients can select from to create a package tailored to their specific needs.

Streamline the enrollment process and eliminate the need for you to work with multiple voluntary carriers. We offer you and your clients programs and services at no direct cost with consumer-driven product solutions, cost control strategies, wellness and health promotion strategies, 1-to-1 benefits counseling, communication and education tools, and benefits administration services.

Employee Benefits Portfolio

Our comprehensive group and individual products portfolio gives you flexibility to meet your clients’ unique needs.

Disability Insurance

Income protection if an employee is unable to work due to being hurt or sick

Accident Insurance

Financial benefits paid to help cope with unexpected injuries

Special Risk

Treatment and recovery benefits for cancer and critical illnesses

Supplemental Health

Lump-sum benefits paid for hospital confinement or outpatient surgery

Dental Insurance

Preventive and major dental coverage, including optional vision rider

Life Insurance

Financial benefits paid directly to beneficiaries

Enrollment Solutions

What happens when your insurance carrier is also your enrollment partner? Your enrollments grow easier, your planning gets smarter, and your daily activities run more smoothly.

Ease the administrative burden

Being a benefits broker or consultant requires extensive knowledge and juggling skills. On one end, you're helping clients develop a strong benefits and enrollment strategy. On the other, you're studying every detail of each enrollment and working with the client to ensure success. The more complex benefits become, the more difficult and time-consuming this process can be. You need a partner that eases the administrative burden so you can focus on building your business. Our solutions give you that freedom.

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